37 BILLION data records were compromised worldwide in 2020.1

Data breaches are big business. Are you prepared? Make ID Assist part of your organization’s breach readiness plan.

The average cost of corporate cybercrime now exceeds $15 million.2

When a breach happens, you have a responsibility to your customers. They need to know how and where their exposed data may be leveraged for identity theft and financial fraud.

That’s where ID Assist comes in.

ID Assist is the 911 for data breaches. It’s a turnkey solution you can roll out immediately to limit the damage for your customers – and brand – in the event of a crisis. ID Assist acts as an early warning system that will alert your customers to signs of identity theft and financial fraud, and our experts will help restore their identity if it’s been leveraged by criminals following a breach.

ID Assist’s secure technology is trusted by over 500,000 Canadians and most major Canadian banks, and the most risk-ready organizations are making ID Assist an integral part of their breach readiness plan.

Discover how ID Assist can help your organization mitigate reputation risk caused by a breach.

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Safeguarding what matters most: Your people.


We monitor your customers’ personal information 24/7

This includes credit and/or debit cards, chequing and/or savings account numbers, social insurance number, driver’s licence number, passport numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and dual Canadian Credit Bureau files.3


We’ll update your people when we find something suspicious.

We’ll alert customers to suspicious activity so they can minimize the damage and resulting stress.


We help to restore their identity.

If something happens, we’ll put the pieces back together. Our investigators help restore thousands of identities a year.

How ID Assist Works

Three reasons to make ID Assist part of your breach readiness plan

Breaches rank in the top three negative impacts on brand reputation, and a recent study indicated that 65% of customers affected by a breach lost trust in that organization.3 ID Assist can help you regain it.

ID theft isn’t just your customers’ problem.

If a data breach doesn’t tank your brand, an inadequate response might. Treat your customers right in the wake of a breach. Research shows that companies that react quickly recover faster from negative effects.4

Put the customer first. Fast.

As of November 2018, Canadian organizations are legally required to report customer data breaches. Legal experts advise that being proactive now could lower the cost of managing the breach, and reduce the risk of lawsuits and penalties.5,6

Comply with Canada's new data breach laws.

ID Assist is an early warning system that helps you look after your identity.

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